Aloevera Clarifying Shampoo – 100 ml

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Nuvotone Aloevera Clarifying Shampoo removes the layer of plastic polymer making hair soft, smooth and shiny.
The layer of plastic polymer also makes it difficult for hair colour to penetrate the hair. Washing hair with Nuvotone Aloevera Clarifying Shampoo removes the layer of plastic polymer and ensures that the hair colour penetrates to the inside and makes the colour last longer.


Nuvotone Aloevera Clarifying Shampoo is enriched with Aloevera, Spinach, Rosemary Essential Oil and Lemon Grass Essential Oil.

Aloe vera removes dandruff and makes the hair shiny, and healthy and protects hair from pollution.
Spinach gives a green colour to the shampoo. It is the source of Iron, Amino Acid, Iodine, Magnesium, and Vitamin A, D, C, K, E & B-complex, which combined ensures that the pH balance of hair is maintained.
Lemon Grass Essential Oil makes hair strong and healthy.
Rosemary Essential Oil helps in hair growth, reduces dandruff, and hair fall and makes the scalp healthy.
There is no Paraben or harmful Preservatives in this shampoo.
How To Use:
Wet hair and massage your hair with Nuvotone Clarifying Shampoo. Repeat until wet hair makes a squeaky sound which ensures that hair is clean.

3 reviews for Aloevera Clarifying Shampoo – 100 ml

  1. Sunita Mahato

    My hair loose problem almost gone

  2. Rumpa Rastogi

    I’m used last 2 years. Very good.

  3. Laxmi barui

    Nuvotone এর body scrub , oat meal face pack , aloe vera gel , body oil, coconut oil , flaxseed oil , hena , প্রত্যেক টি প্রোডাক্ট ভীষণ ভালো ভীষণ ভালো কাজ করে , natural remedy no side effects , আমি nuvotone এর এতো তাই fan যে আমি nuvotone কখনোই ছাড়তে চাই না ,

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