Aloevera Olive Body Oil , Vetiver-Oatmeal Tan Removal Scrub, Jojoba Aloevera Moisturizing Gel and Licorice Oatmeal Face Pack – Combo Pack


Usage Instructions: Make a thick paste with clean water. Add a few drops of glycerin during winter. After a deep cleanse with Nuvotone Aloevera-Olive Body Oil, followed by exfoliation using Nuvotone Vetiver-Oatmeal Tan Removal Scrub, apply the paste thickly all over face except around the eyes. Leave it on for 30 mins. (15 mins. in winter) and wash. Apply the Pack around the eyes 2-3 minutes before washing. After washing off, apply Nuvotone Aloe vera Moisturising Gel for soft, smooth, and radiant skin.

  • Suitable for all skin types, safe for those suffering from allergies to chemicals.
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Nuvotone Tan Removal Scrub enriched with Oatmeal, Vetiver, Kasthuri Haldi, Rice, Moong, Musur and Chholar dal, Khas, Neem, Papaya etc. exfoliates skin, reduces sun tan, removes dead skin cells and reduces wrinkles. It helps dissolve the sebum and unclogs pores, making skin smooth, fresh and nourished. This product is made from herbs and grains in a powdered form, which acts as a good exfoliator. It can be used daily instead of soap. It is free from any chemicals, parabens, preservatives, chemical colors or fragrances, making it safe for use. It is safe for those who suffer from allergic chemical reactions.

Nuvotone face pack crafted using Lodhra, Haridra, Kulinjan Vaca, Yastimadhu, Oatmeal, Arjuna, contains 18 different amino acids and reduces pimples, scars, blemishes, and repairs damaged skin, removes dark circles around eyes, enhances natural glow, moisturizes the skin and is suitable for sensitive and allergy-prone skin.

Nuvotone Aloevera-Olive Body Oil keeps skin soft and smooth, removes excess dead cells from thick and dry skin and can also be used as a deep facial cleanser. It is free from liquid paraffin and free from artificial colour and fragrance.

It deeply moisturizes the skin and improves skin tone, giving the face a healthy rejuvenating glow. This Ayurvedic formulation of various oils and herbs, like Manjistha, Lodhra, Batankur, Aloevera, Haridra etc. With Olive, Castor, Sesame oil and Orange oil. deeply hydrates and nourishes the skin.

Nuvotone Jojoba-Aloevera Moisturizing Gel is suitable for all seasons and all skin types, prevent wrinkles and make skin smooth and radiant.

It is an emollient gel that moisturizes, softens and protects for soft, smooth and clear skin by maintaining an optimum oil moisture balance.

Aloevera gel has hydrating, softening intense moisturizing properties, nourishing the skin, formulated with jojoba oil which contains a high concentration of vitamin B,E. It quickly heal up raw itchy patches of skin and the vitamin content promotes the growth of healthy skin cells. It helps repair damage on inflamed skin at a cellular level. Keeps skin smooth and radiant.

Safe for Sensitive skin. Use regularly to enjoy the benefits of Ayurveda. Results may vary from person to person.


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